GE LineFit Lighting System 84" - 6 Modules


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The new LineFit Light LED system is the incredibly quick and easy way to transform a fluorescent cabinet sign into an efficient LED solution. In four easy steps, taking just minutes per fixture, you get all the lighting performance, energy savings and reduced maintenance benefits of GE LED technology. Now, the old R17d fluorescent sockets hold the new LED light bars in place with rotating end caps—to ensure the light is perfectly directed to the sign face. Since the GE Tetra ® 24-volt Power Supply is rated a Class 2 device, there is no need to run the output (DC) wiring in any raceways or conduit, further reducing installation costs. You get all the LED advantages of bright signs, longer life, energy efficiency, lower maintenance and cold weather performance in one durable, money-saving system.

Price is per 6 modules

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